A reconfigurable slot antenna with switchable polarization

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The antenna is switchable between ... Antenna agility in radiation pattern, polarization and frequency has a capability to fulfill current and future ... The reconfigurable rotated-T slot antenna for cognitive radio systems is described in [ 6], in.

A novel reconfigurable antenna is presented in this paper. The antenna is capable of radiating either linear, left-hand circular, or right-hand circular polarization depending on the status of two switches. It has a radiating slot of the "cusp" shape. This slot supports two orthogonal magnetic current modes. Two perturbations are introduced at specific locations in the slot. A reconfigurable circularly polarized microstrip antenna ... This letter describes a square patch antenna with a switchable circular polarization (CP) sense. The proposed antenna has four L-shaped slots on the ground plane, and the CP radiation can be generated by current perturbation due to the slotted ground plane. ... / A reconfigurable circularly polarized microstrip antenna with a slotted ground ... @article{fries_reconfigurable_2003, title = {A ... abstract = {A novel reconfigurable slot antenna architecture allowing polarization switching is presented. The antenna shape consists of a slot-ring with perturbations which are switched on and off using pin-diodes. Two antennas allowing switching either between linear and circular polarization or between two circular polarizations are ... Polarization reconfigurable slot antenna for 5.8 GHz ... In this paper, a CPW-fed circular polarization reconfigurable slot antenna is proposed. By simply changing the bias status of two PIN diodes through a T-type bias device, the antenna can work as two independent inverted L-shaped slots, and realize reconfigurable performances.

A Polarization Reconfigurable Patch Antenna With Loop Slots on the ...

Design and Configuration Techniques of a Low-Profile Reconfigurable ... Reconfigurable antenna techniques. There are ... tuned slot antenna which can resonate from 1.5GHz .... crostrip patch antenna with switchable polarization,”.

In this paper, a novel single feed frequency and polarization reconfigurable microstrip patch antenna is presented. This antenna mainly comprises of a corner truncated square patch with a rectangular ring slot, eight PIN diodes and six conductive pads.

A Polarization Reconfigurable Slot Antenna with a Novel Switchable ...

[5] M. Fries, M. Gräni and R. Vahldieck, “A reconfigurable slot antenna with switchable polarization”, IEEE Microwave and wireless components letters, vol. 13, no. 11, pp. 490-492, November 2003. [6] T. Korosec, P. Ritosa and M. Vidmar, “Varactor-tuned microstrip-patch antenna with frequency and polarisation

Reconfigurable Multiband Extended U-Slot Antenna with ... Abstract: This paper proposes a reconfigurable multiband extended U-slot antenna with polarization diversity for wireless applications. The antenna is able to switch among linear polarization (LP) and left-hand (LH) and right-hand (RH) circular polarizations (CPs) for 2.4-/5.8-GHz wireless local area network (WLAN) systems.