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The cross-slide lead screw engages with a rectangular brass nut attached to the underside of the cross-slide by two hex screws. A third hex screw presses against the top of the brass nut to adjust its height. By adjusting this middle screw and the two mounting screws, you can adjust the brass nut to minimize backlash in the cross-slide. It's a MiniLathe Alignment - The compound was removed and the level placed on the cross slide oriented parallel to CS travel. Moving the carriage along the bed causes the level to show bed twist. The bubble movement is small when the lathe is on all 4 feet but there is a small movement showing the bed tilts rearward in the middle, looks like about 2 thou, more or less. Machining Your Own Milling Attachment - Vintage Projects

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Lathe - MIT A cross slide that controls transverse motion of the tool (toward or away from the operator). A tool compound that adjusts to permit angular tool movement. A toolpost T-slot that holds the toolpost. Choosing a Cutting Tool Cutting Tool Terminology. The figure above shows a typical cutting tool and the terminology used to describe it. ATLAS 10F LATHE PDF -

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Norman Patent Toolpost | bazmonaut Norman Patent Toolpost November 2016 While I do love my little lathe, the design could do with improvement in a couple of areas… in particular the topslide (compound slide) which often fouls the tailstock, does not help with rigidity (even when locked), and adjusting it is a pain due to the four mounting screws and limited rotation. MINI-LATHE QUICK CHANGE TOOL POST MINI-LATHE QUICK CHANGE TOOL POST the main block is done and can be assembled on the lathe. Slide in the plunger aligning its hole with the block hole. Put a tool holder on the ... Mill 1/16" slot.050 deep for screwdriver 125 "J" drill thru thread 5/16-18. Plunger 3/4" did. drill rod T.750 J. Manual of Lathe Operation and Machinists Tables - Atlas

Drilling & Boring Table - Myford 7 Lathe Cross Slide. AvailabilitySuitable for Myford Seven Series lathes, including ML7 and Super 7. For mounting onto lathe cross slide. With tee slots. Cast iron construction.

Atlas Quickchange Lathe QC 54 Serial #302 Get link; ... cross slide, and compund rest are all in fantastic condition. ... and some machining to fit it into the T-slot ... Atlas 10F mods and fixes - Model Engine Maker My Atlas 10F lathe is now 70 years young, but in the time it has been with me, I have resurrected it from a wreck, to one that will match anything size for size on the market today, with regards to keeping size and precision. All due to loving care and attention, and a few mods that the original manufacturers didn't deem necessary. A Dial Indicator Stand for the Taig Lathe A Dial Indicator stand for the Taig lathe After years of using an old surface gauge to hold my dial indicator I finally decided to quit fiddling around and build an indicator stand. This stand mounts directly to the Taig head stock, tail stock, or cross slide of the lathe, and can be used in the same manner Used Metal Lathes, Lathe Parts, Lathe Tooling Used Metal Lathes, lathe chucks, face plates, collet chucks and steady rests. Used Metal Lathes, Lathe Parts, Lathe Tooling Phone (815)434-5897 Fax (815)434-5898 Ottawa, Illinois