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In many cases, problem gambling can lead to problem debt, as gamblers fund their habit with overdrafts, credit cards, or payday loans. A problem gambler might be tempted to gamble even more in an effort to pay off these debts, which can lead to a vicious cycle. I Am a Compulsive Gambler in Debt. – Delia - Get Out of Debt Gambling debt is a classic example that debt is often the symptom of underlying issues and not just plain old debt. In fact I’m not even sure if there is plain old debt. You’ve used gambling in a similar way that other people use shopping, as an entertainment and stress reliever. Stupid or Smart? (Getting a Loan to Pay Off Debt) | PT Money Not only is borrowing to pay off debt ignoring the real problem, but it can very easily make the problem worse. I’m all for lowering interest rates, and if a loan or balance transfer can do that, great, you’ll pay off your debt faster (and pay less interest).

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People with gambling problems and addiction often find themselves embroiled in deep gambling debt. Gambling debt often goes beyond money owed to the casino, bookie or however else one gambles - People often go as far as taking out second … Debt | GamCare If you are struggling to control your urge to gamble, a win will probably not clear your debts, as you won't be able to stop gambling to pay them off. MY Gambling Problem HAS Gotten ME INTO DEBT. CAN I FILE

Stupid or Smart? (Getting a Loan to Pay Off Debt) | PT Money

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For the guy wanting to get a loan to pay off gambling ...