Spin and shoot shot glass roulette instructions

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Give your boozing an adventurous boost with the unpredictable awesomeness of roulette shots! This roulette drinking game combines the heart-pounding action of a spinning roulette wheel with the party-starting raucousness of taking shots. Simply choose your numbered shot glass, spin the plastic wheel, and “pay up” by drinking up!

7 Jan 2013 ... Rules. Sit in a circle around the table with the shot glasses. Player 1 rolls the dice , and drinks the shot glass associated with the number rolled, ... 11 Best Shot roulette images | Shot roulette, Root Beer, Adult party ... See more ideas about Shot roulette, Root Beer and Adult party games. ... The shot glass roulette drinking game comes with 16 shot glasses and 2 steel roulette balls. .... Adult Spin the bottle. ..... Directions: Fill plastic cups with a variety of beverages. ..... change to safe, J- 1 jello shot, Q- a shot of fire ball , K is a tequila shoot. Spin The Shot | eBay USA Hot Fun Spinner Spin The Shot Roulette Glass Alcohol Drinking Game Party KTV .... SHOOT YOUR SHOT - Fill the shot gl. ... Or make up your own rules! Russian roulette - Wikipedia Russian roulette is a lethal game of chance in which a player places a single round in a revolver, spins the cylinder, places the muzzle against their head, and pulls the trigger. Russian refers to the supposed country of origin, and roulette to the element of risk-taking and the spinning of the revolver's .... The game involves six shot glasses filled by a non-player.

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Happy New Year - Lets Play Real Life: Shot Roulette (contains sexy ... 1 Jan 2012 ... Me and my home boys tearing it up slightly before going out for new year. Maxam 16-Shot Roulette Drinking Game Review - SwagDaddy ... 29 Jan 2015 ... Maxam 16-Shot Roulette Drinking Game Review - SwagDaddy. SwagDaddy ... Includes 16 numbered shot glasses and 2 metal roulette balls.

Drinking games set includes spinning roulette wheel and 16 numbered glass shot glasses, each holding 1 oz. Use your own marble or plastic bead to make this ...

Shot Glass Roulette | Oh My That's Awesome If your shot glass corresponds to the number played, empty the glass and spin it again! So go ahead, call the inside bet and play the dangerous, exciting game of drinking roulette. The Shot Glass Roulette set includes a spinning roulette wheel, two balls, and 16 numbered glass shot glasses... Shot Glass Roulette Set Drinking Game – Deals With Me -Shot roulette Bring Las Vegas home to your next party with the Roulette Shot Glass Game. -This is an authentic working casino-style roulette wheel made of durable high impact plastic. -A fun addition to any poker or casino party. -The shot glasses are black or red with numbers on it. Shot Glass Roulette? | Send Out Shots Shot Glass Roulette? September 30, 2014 Micheal Savoie Leave a comment. People love to collect shot glasses!No matter who wins, everyone will have fun while playing the drinking roulette game! Give it a spin and let the roulette wheel determine your fate.

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Liven up that boring old Christmas party this holiday season by adding booze to the mix with this Shot Glass Roulette drinking game. For only 10 bucks you can have yourself a ball this year with family and friends who love playing roulette (and drinking). The game’s rules are quite simple. Every ...